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Dietox juice cleanse therapy


What is Dietox Therapy?

Dietox is a 100% natural therapy based on fruits and vegetables. It is distributed by a Spanish company called Foodterapia. Their nutritionists have been developing several Detox formulas since 2012.

Dietox therapy is actually a half-fast. It means that you will be able to keep feeding yourself, but only by ingesting healthy liquid food. Dietox juices and soups are cold-pressed and subjected to HPP treatment (High Pressure Processing ) to keep their properties and freshness. All the ingredients are organic

One big advantage: The therapy only contains few allergens: Cashew nuts and celery. No lactose, no gluten

Ordering your cure on the Dietox website is easy: You select your formula, the number of days of the juice cleanse, the date and place of delivery and you are ready to go! Your products will be delivered in a suitable packaging.

The Winter Edition therapy

The Winter Edition therapy is a new formula from Dietox. It includes 4 cold sweet juices and 2 hot salted soups, whereas standard therapies only include sweet cold juices.

dietox therapy

What are the benefits ?

·    Promotes weight loss as  you put your body in good conditions to start a diet.

·    Promotes rest / Reduces fatigue

·    Provides additional support  to organs that usually cleanse our body like kidneys and liver.

·    Improves your skin and hair condition

·    Helps with digestion and intestinal transit

Before the cure  

·    Make room in your fridge for the juices and also all the ingredients of the pre-cure and the post-cure if you decide to follow them

·    Download the Dietox app if you wish

Personnally, I think that the site is better than the application. The good thing with the application is that it sends alerts to know what time you should take your juice but that’s all. Inside the application, there is a chat but I’ve never seen anybody connected. You can still leave a message. I never tried

Be careful: in the application when you select the date of departure of your cure, the first day corresponds to the  pre-detox day . 

A word about pre-cure and post-cure   : I made some good discoveries including tomato and avocado at breakfast. However I did not find the menu adapted to the season. In my opinion if you eat fruits and vegetables during these two days you can skip the post and pre cure

The therapy   : How does it work   ?

Precautions   :

·    During the juice cleanse you can practice a low intensity physical activity if you are used to do it. However you should know that during a day of Dietox you ingest only 821.5 Kcal.

·    Do not warm soups in plastic bottles.

·    Do not add sugar or salt to juices and soups

·    Drink water frequently


7am to 9am- Juice n ° 1


Apple, Water, Spinach, Cucumber, Lemon, Ginger, Kale , Matcha Green Tea, Spirulina, Pea Protein, Integral Rice Protein.

My review: I think that the taste of morning juice was strange but not unpleasant. I liked the energy boost provided by ginger and apple. This was the bigger bottle so the juice filled my belly well.


From 10am to 12am – Juice n ° 2


Water, apple, pear, celery, beet, lemon, chia seeds, lucuma, reishi, thickener ( xanthan powder), pea protein, integral rice protein.

My review: I did not like this juice at all. The first time I drank it, I didn’t read the ingredients and I was expecting a raspberry juice, something sweet as the bottle had a nice red color. Actually it tasted like mud. I do not know if it was because of spirulina or matcha. When I finished it I told myself that if all juices were like this one, I was going to have a hard time these 3 days.


From 1pm to 3pm – Soup n ° 1


Water, zucchini, pumpkin, leek, white onion, red lentil, virgin olive oil, turmeric powder, Himalayan salt, black pepper, thyme, mustard powder, camu camu powder, baobab powder.

My review: I was pleasantly surprised, but it was a little bland.


From 4pm to 6pm – Juice n ° 3


Water, strawberry, banana, pomegranate, raspberry, beetroot, agave syrup, pea protein, whole rice protein, acai pulp, maqui berry powder

My review: The best juice of the cleanse!


From 7 pm to  9pm – Soup n ° 2


Water, zucchini, leek, peas, potato, green asparagus, white onion, virgin olive oil, kale col , spinach, Himalayan salt, mint, moringa powder.

My review: It was blade like the other soup but you could taste the onion.


From 10pm to 0am – Juice n ° 4


Water, cashew nuts, agave syrup, lemon, coconut,  maca powder, musky rose powder.

My review: Drinking something at 10pm if it’s not a cocktail is too late for me. I didn’t want to eat anymore.  It’s a shame I couldn’t enjoy this juice earlier, because it was one of the best.


Verdict   :

·    The only juices I really liked were # 3 and # 4.

·    I did not feel hungry. I wanted to eat sugar but not necessarily because I was hungry. I did not have any stomach ache.

·    I did not feel tired, but I didn’t do any physical activity.

·    Three days. It was hard, but the hardest part was the first day, because we do not know what to expect, and the last day because we really want to eat something solid and sweet.



The benefits I felt   : I recommend it or not   ?

A week after finishing my treatment I found my stomach flatter, I felt lighter. My digestion improved and I didn’t have any stomach ache. I felt full of strength.

So do I recommend this therapy? Yes, absolutely still here are some suggestions:

I do not recommend doing more than three days. That’s enough for a trial and it works. Take a therapy that alternates hot soups and cold juices, so you won’t give up. The pre and post diet could be better adapted, so I think you can skip it.


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