I tried the indoor growing cultivator of Ikea

Two years ago, Ikea launched its version of the hydroponic garden. I was absolutely delighted when my parents offered me one of these growing cultivator kits for Christmas, because I live in an apartment and I don’t have so much place to grow vegetables. Now it has been one year I’ve got this kit and I have already grown lettuce, basil, coriander, mizuna salad, cherry tomatoes and many others. Today I’m going to tell you all about this indoor cultivator

That’s what it looks like   :

Krydda Vaxer cultivator Ikea

Well that’s a picture of Ikea hihihi . In real life, it looks like that:

Hydroponic garden


As always, Ikea offers a tailor – made solution: you can buy as many accessories as you need, from the single tray unit for 19 euros to the 3-tier culture set for 294 euros. Personally I’m very satisfied with my 1 tier grow kit. The kit includes:

  • 1 house shape cultivation unit. It has 8 cells and a Led light
  • 1 nursery and sprout box with two grids
  • 1 box of 50 starter plugs made of stonewool
  • 1 box of pumice stones (growing media)
  • 1 bottle of liquid fertiliser.

The seeds are sold separately. You can buy those sold by Ikea or use others. It works very well too.

How does it work ?

Before planting the seeds you have to fill the nursery with water and soak the wool plugs as well. Once everything is ready, just place the plugs on the grid and put your seeds on it. Some seeds need to be soaked for up to 12 hours before putting them on the plugs. You can find all this information on the bag of seeds or on the internet.


Ikea sells a LED light for the nursery but it’s not mandatory. If you put the nursery near a window or close to your cultivation unit the seeds will have enough light to germinate.

When you get your first sprouts, you can transplant them into the cells full of growing media of your cultivator. Next step is easy:  Let nature work. You only have to check water level from time to time and after approximately 6 weeks you will have a big salad. Of course you don’t have to wait so much if you don’t want to; you can eat the plats while they are still small.

It is possible to transplant plants from hydroponic cultivation to earth trays, but in my experience, the transition was a little bit difficult. I tried with lettuce and cherry tomato plants.

Indoor garden

So do I recommend buying this cultivator kit? A thousand times yes! Especially to those who live in an apartment and do not have enough place or sun to grow plants. Moreover, I think that the design of the culture box is very aesthetic. It matches perfectly with my decoration.

I did not find any negative points for this product!  I saw on the internet some buyers complaining about the energy consumption of the lights, but personally I didn’t notice a big change on my electricity bill.

It’s so nice to eat vegetables grown at home! I cannot eat a salad a week from my cultivator, but I think this hobby is very interesting and enjoyable.

I recommend this product  😉 Feel free to write a comment with your questions if you need more information

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