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Why you should visit Singapore?

Singapore is a small country in South East Asia, One of its majors assets is that you can discover the island quickly without any stress. So if you are thinking of visiting Asia for your first time or if you have few hours to spend between two flights go ahead! The city is only 20 minutes from the airport by taxi. Here are some few reasons you should take your chance there.

Multiculturalism /Melting pot

Singapore is one of the most Westernized cities in Asia, while for some of the travelers this can look like a drawback, if this is your first time in Asia it can help you to discover this new culture smoothly. Plus Singaporeans speak English very well

Singapore multiculturalism is impressing, a wide range of ethnicities and religions share the city. It includes Chinese, Malay, Indian and Eurasians among others… Take a walk in China Town, Little India or Arab Street, you will enjoy it.

The reason why the city is a true melting pot is because of its history. By the way I recommend visiting the national museum. 

los rascacielos de singapur

Perfect mix between buildings and nature

For me the beauty of Singapore remains in its perfect balance between incredible skyscrapers and nature. On one side you have dreamy buildings, state of the art malls and impressive hotels… and on the other side you have fabulous nature parks like gardens by the bay and the botanic garden.

Although Singapore is one of the most densely populated cities in the world  I didn’t felt oppressed. Almost all hotels have pools and in some of them you can enjoy splendid views. The most famous is the Marina bay sands. There are so many malls and they are so huge that you can spend the whole day inside. Lot of buildings have vegetal roofs among other features. Actually green building is mandatory in Singapore since 2008.

Piscina del hotel Marina Bay Sands
Marina Bay Sands infinity pool

Gardens by the bay is a must visit. The super tree grove, the flower dome and the cloud forest conservatories are simply amazing.

Singapore botanic garden is a peaceful place everyone should discover. Its Orchidea collection is beautiful. On top of that there are less tourists in this park than in Gardens by the bay. If you want to completely visit the park I recommend you to stay one day there.

Do not hesitate to take a look on other beautiful parks in the city like the MacRitchie reservoir and the East Coast Park.

Botanic garden orchids


Singapore is the best place to taste different Asian plates. Street food is delicious.

Among traditional dishes you should taste the Kaya toast and kopi. Kaya toast is made with coconut milk, pandan leaves, sugar and egg. Kopi is the way they call coffee in Singapore. Be careful kopilovers: there is a huge amount of condensed milk in it!

Don’t miss the chance to drink some bubble tea. There are everywhere in Singapore. If you want to try something a little bit different I recommend Bandung. A traditional beverage made of condensed milk and rose syrup. Yes, you got it they love condensed milk there… Nevertheless I have to say that I tried a Bandung with ice cream and it was fantastic!

Other delicious traditional dishes you shouldn’t miss are Singapore chili crab and Hainanese Chicken.

And last but not least, I have to confess that besides Singapore cuisine I felt in love with one little Thai restaurant on beach road. It’s called  Noodle Thai Thai kitchen. I ordered lot of plates and the food was always excellent.

Noodle Thai Thai Kitchen restaurant

Funny facts (scary facts ?)

Street are incredibly clean but that’s normal considering you can have a fine for throwing paper on the floor. Eating chewing gum is also forbidden!

Death Penalty is still in force in Singapore and it is clearly indicated when you arrive to Changi airport.

Singapore inhabitants have to pay an extra cost to bet in the casino

How to go there

  • 13 hours direct flight from London 
  • 17 hours direct flight from Los Angeles
  • 21 hours from New York with a stop  (Usually Hong Kong or Haneda-Japan)
  • 8 hours direct flight from Sydney

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